Mixing Maddness

I was tempted to buy new paints today. The allure of something shiny and new pulled at my consciousness like a toddler tugging on its mother’s apron strings. Hang on, I said to myself. Get to know the paint you have first. Apprehension has held back my usual desire to experiment. Reaching for the pre-mixed tubes or blocks has become a matter of course of late. Time to try creating my own colours.

Foliage seemed a good subject for a colour investigation. The endless assortment of tints and shades to inspire is mind boggling.  

I added varying amounts of ultramarine blue to yellow ochre in this first study.

Ultramarine Blue + Yellow Ochre

For these leaves I used lemon yellow and ultramarine blue.

Ultramarine Blue + Lemon Yellow

Finishing off todays observations with a mix of medium yellow and yes you guessed it……ultramarine blue.

Ultramarine Blue + Medium Yellow

So many different colours with only four hues. I’m falling in love with watercolour. 

Published by

Rachel Lucette Adams

Hello I’m Rachel Lucette. I work remotely from a studio based in Colchester, Essex. Creating lively representational artwork, illustrations and vector graphics for advertising, web, print, publishing and editorial markets

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