Coffee for Breakfast

Continuing on the theme of a daily art practise, I have been playing around some more with watercolour paints. 

Having enjoyed illustrating food almost as much as eating it, it seemed logical to persist with it as my subject matter. 

My mother is French, which meant coffee was an essential part of everyday life as I grew up. Whenever we visited France breakfast was round the table, often outside, sharing fresh bread, croissants and homemade fruit preserves. All washed down with large bowls of coffee for the adults and hot chocolate for the children. Today even the slightest waft of brewing coffee beans and I am transported back in time instantly.

I used the wet on wet technique to paint these coffees and their accompaniments, as it can produced some really interesting colour mixes. Wetting the paper first, painting the subject with clear water, then adding the wet paint on top. 

It wasn’t as easy to reproduce the wet on wet success of the previous illustration in these upright coffees. The paint mixed beautifully as it gathered in the circle shapes, but vertically….not so much. It is in these instances where I miss the controllability of digital painting. Adobe’s Illustrator gradient tool kept popping in to my mind as I struggled with producing a gradient using watercolours. 

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Rachel Lucette Adams

Hello I’m Rachel Lucette. I work remotely from a studio based in Colchester, Essex. Creating lively representational artwork, illustrations and vector graphics for advertising, web, print, publishing and editorial markets