Single Mum

It was mothers day here in the UK last Sunday and I was spoilt rotten by my twin sons. They cooked me a traditional English breakfast, served with flowers and a huge box of chocolates. Took me for a lovely afternoon stroll along the local seafront and prepared a home cooked Thai banquet for dinner. Bringing them up alone has meant we formed a special bond. And although they have grown up now and flown the nest, we still see each other with regularity. I am very lucky.

© Rachel Lucette Adams

‘Plain Sailing’ – The struggle of trying to keep some sense of ones own identity, whilst navigating the choppy and sometimes treacherous sea of life. All the while battling to elevate the precious lives of your young. 

© Rachel Lucette Adams

Balancing the Books – One of the hardest things about being a lone parent is the financial strain. Making ends meet was a perpetual challenge.

© Rachel Lucette Adams

A Piece of Me – If only there were more hours in the day…..this is something I have muttered to myself time and time again. When you are the only person responsible for everything, things can get tricky. Being a full time working single mother of twins meant ‘tricky’ was a good day. I was so busy I didn’t have time to think, only act. I remember feeling like I had volunteered for a stage show that I had not prepared for. Completely unaware of its challenges and pitfalls.

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