Back to Basics

I can not actually remember the last time I used any traditional mediums. Apart from sketching with pencils and creating ink textures to use in photoshop. And sometimes wonder if my endless strive for perfection is a derivative of this. The temptation to edit is too irresistible.

I wanted to get back to basics and needed to move away from the screen for a while. So I took a Skillshare class by watercolour illustrator and surface designer Ohn Mar Win. “Sketchbook Practise: Grow your art everyday”

The class encourages you to start a daily sketchbook practise. Creating a safe place to experiment and grow. To improve your skill and develop your own style without purpose or judgement. Somewhere just for you and your own creative advancement.

Day 1

Here is my first attempt with real watercolours. As a younger artist (before Adobe) I always painted with Acrylic. It dried so quickly and layered so easily I felt in control. Watercolour meant risk, no room for error….so I stayed well away.

Day 2

I am starting to understand how the watercolour paint lays on the paper in this second attempt.

Day 3

Experimenting with tone and shade with these limes. Finding it a little tricky to keep that transparent quality.

Day 4

Trying to add contrast to these oranges by playing around with watercolour pens.

Day 5

Feeling so much more confident with the paint already. A daily painting practice is really going to improve my skill level. This class is definitely what the soul doctor ordered, I quite like these lemons!

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Rachel Lucette Adams

Hello I’m Rachel Lucette. I work remotely from a studio based in Colchester, Essex. Creating lively representational artwork, illustrations and vector graphics for advertising, web, print, publishing and editorial markets