All Butter and No Waistline

I have the sweetest tooth and continental pastries are a particular vice. Living close to three stores that sell fresh baked goods is precarious for my waistline. I can’t resist their wondrous variety of fillings and topping. And the way their buttery pastry melts in my mouth. Hmmm yum yum. 

I used a different watercolour technique, called glazing, to paint these delicious pastries. Starting with a light all over base colour. Leaving some areas completely paint free, that would later work as the objects highlights. Once dry I went over with the same shade to create volume. Finally adding detail with more colours once the second layer of paint was dry.

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Rachel Lucette Adams

Hello I’m Rachel Lucette. I work remotely from a studio based in Colchester, Essex. Creating lively representational artwork, illustrations and vector graphics for advertising, web, print, publishing and editorial markets